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Air Conditioning Products And Materials

Stylish Range of diffusers, return grilles, ducting and zones motors.

Carrera Air Conditioning offers a range of products and materials to suit all types of applications and needs.

Air Conditioning Diffusers

At Carrera Air Conditioning we supply a large range of stylish air conditioning diffusers to suit every requirement.

Air Conditioning Zones Motors

An air conditioning zone motor control is a system that allows you to turn areas on and off as you please. Why cool the kids bedroom when they are at school or the lounge room when you are asleep in bed, right? By giving you this kind of control you are able to save considerably on the running costs of your ducted heater or ducted air conditioner.Some zoning systems allow you to just turn the duct on or off by opening and closing the zone motor to allow or stop the flow of air. Others allow the precise control over temperature and air flow.

Floor & Ceiling Console Air Conditioning

The smooth internal surface minimises noise for whisper quiet air flow.
Polyester insulating blanket to provide thermal insulation to maximise your systems efficiency.
The outer shell is fire rated.
The design will not support any bacterial and fungal growth.
10 years Warranty.

Air Conditioning Trunking

• Colorbond covering will conceal all interconnecting pipe work and electrical cabling.
• Available in many colours.
• Made to withstand the elements through out the test of time.

Air Conditioning Return Grilles

A return air grille or inlet grille, together with a removable washable filter, is designed to trap air-borne particles and will be located in a position to achieve the best performance.

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