When it comes to Air Conditioning Services, a lot of people think that it’s something that only needs to be done when there’s a problem. The truth is, Air Conditioning Maintenance is extremely important – and it’s something that should be done on a regular basis. By neglecting your air conditioner, you could end up with expensive repair bills down the road. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance, and we’ll also provide some tips on how to keep your air conditioner running smoothly!


Some people may think that getting their air conditioner serviced and kept maintained is a waste of money but it’s the exact opposite and let me explain how. First of all when you don’t keep your air conditioner well maintained there is a chance that it will stop performing properly for many reasons. When this happens you will end up having to pay for major air conditioning repairs which usually end up being a lot more than the small maintenance prices you would have paid instead.

Not only would you risk your air conditioner not performing properly but your air conditioner would not be as energy-efficient if not well maintained either. This means that it will cost more in energy bills because the air conditioner needs to work harder!

Filtration System

It is definitely worth pointing out that each component of your air conditioner plays an important part in your system to be running smoothly however the filtration system usually needs a bit more attention, the reason for this is because it is the part that filters out all the dirt and other nasties from being able to enter your air conditioner. Without frequent cleaning, it could affect the air conditioner internally and potentially enable you to need large repairs.

A good way to maintain your filtration system is to ensure the area in which your air conditioning system is located is kept clean and internally safeguard the air conditioner from dirt. You should then continue to remove and replace the filters regularly.

What happens If I Don’t Maintain My Air Conditioner?

Many issues can occur from not doing regular maintenance on your air conditioner. This can include the air that comes out of your air conditioner not being pure. This can become an issue mainly for people with health and breathing issues. Another issue is the fact that your air conditioner will start to not run as smoothly and could end up with major expensive issues if not addressed properly. This could also mean that your air conditioning could be broken until someone can come out and fix it!

Did you know that when you keep your air conditioner well maintained it could last up to 20 years! It is definitely well worth it in the long run!

If you don’t want to do the maintenance then we can do it for you! Contact Carrera Air Conditioning today to see how we can help you!

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